1. Fun And Interesting Facts About Middle Eastern Food

    Here at the Kabab House, a middle eastern restaurant near Disney World, we specialize in more than just kabobs. In fact, we offer a range of authentic choices with inspiration from Morocco, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East. Of particular note are our kabobs, gyros, and shawarma, in part becaus…Read More

  2. Highlighting Our Halal Menu

    In our last post, we took the time to take a step back from talking about our Middle Eastern restaurant in Orlando and all of the deliciousness it has to offer locals and tourists alike in favor of providing our readers with a high-level analysis of the halal diet and its tradition. Although many ot…Read More

  3. A Closer Look At Halal Food

    At the Kebab House in Orlando, we offer an Orlando halal food experience for everyone who is looking for a high-quality meal. Whether you are interested in local Mediterranean food or Middle Eastern food nearby, we’ve got you covered at the Kabab House with the best halal food in Kissimmee. We are…Read More

  4. What Folks Are Saying About Our Kissimmee Kabab House

    Whether you are out on the town, looking on your smartphone for a “kebab near me” or are sitting at home on your desktop, fastidiously trying to find the best kebab in the Orlando area, our Kissimmee Kabob House has some of the best Middle Eastern food and Mediterranean cuisine you likely have e…Read More

  5. Why Choose The Kabab House For Your Family Lunch

    You’re in Orlando with your family, enjoying Disney World and Orlando Studios despite the sweltering heat of summer. All that running around is truly a blast until suddenly, your family is asking for a much-needed energy boost in the form of lunch. You could load your children up with sugary sodas…Read More

  6. Learn More About Kababs

    As you already know, we love kebabs here at the Kabab House, and what’s not to love? Our delicious seasoned meat is slow-cooked to perfection to make the most fantastic lunch or dinner fare. Located just a stone’s throw away from Disney World, kids and their parents alike love to dine on our keb…Read More