1. Mediterranean Cuisine and Halal Pizza in Orlando

    Does February 9 mean anything to you? If you are a pizza lover, you may or may not be aware that this day is National Pizza Day. However, you don’t have to wait until February to enjoy a delicious slice (or two or three or four) of wonderful, amazing pizza. Pizza is so beloved by our country that …Read More

  2. Halal Pizza in Orlando

    Who doesn’t love pizza? One of America’s favorite foods, pizza seems to be available almost anywhere you go. Chances are, you can easily track down a pizza delivery chain in any town you visit within the United States. However, many pizza chains deliver sub par pizza at best: most people are not…Read More

  3. Why Choose The Kebab House For Your Family Lunch

    You’re in Orlando with your family, enjoying Disney World and Orlando Studios despite the sweltering heat of summer. All that running around is truly a blast until suddenly, your family is asking for a much-needed energy boost in the form of lunch. You could load your children up with sugary sodas…Read More

  4. Our Favorite Halal Food At The Kebab House

    Now that we are in the midst of summertime, the Orlando area is truly bursting at the seams with families from all over the country vacationing at Disney World and Universal Studios. Some of these families might even be dropping by for a day or two before heading to one of Florida’s beautiful beac…Read More

  5. Falafels And The Health Benefits Of Chickpeas

    At the Kebab House in Kissimmee, we are quite famous for our delicious kebabs and our savory shawarma dishes. Our savory halal meat is marinated and cooked just right for the perfect flavor and tenderness. However, today, we would like to discuss another delicious item on the menu at our family-frie…Read More

  6. Halal Food: What you Need To Know

    At the Kebab House, not only are we a family-friendly restaurant, but we also offer halal fare as well. It’s important that we serve healthy, delicious food to our customers, and we offer both Moroccan and Mediterranean food. Located conveniently close to Disney World, we serve some of the best ke…Read More

  7. Learn More About Kebabs

    As you already know, we love kebabs here at the Kebab House, and what’s not to love? Our delicious seasoned meat is slow-cooked to perfection to make the most fantastic lunch or dinner fare. Located just a stone’s throw away from Disney World, kids and their parents alike love to dine on our keb…Read More

  8. Top 5 Dishes

    5.Mazza this is the super appetizers, is a combination of hummus, baba ghanoush, grapes leaves, tobouli, and falafel. 4. Leg of Lamb Entree Big pieces of lamb shank marinated and cooked to perfection, comes with our house salad and rice. 3.Chicken Shawarma Sandwich this is why the local keep coming …Read More