A Few Of Our Favorite Halal Food Flavor Combinations!

A Few Of Our Favorite Halal Food Flavor Combinations!

First time I came to this restaurant, I thought the food was great but it was a little bit late in my opinion. The second time coming to their restaurant however was excellent. The food was in time and I thought it tasted rather nice. I found the restaurant to be rather clean too not to mention that the server was friendly and rather quick and considerate. I highly recommend going to this restaurant.” - Michael Steins, Five Stars, Google Reviews

Thank you Michael, for choosing Kabab House of Orlando to be your Middle Eastern restaurant of choice. Perhaps Michael was in the same boat as many of our once-regulars were in — hungry, tired, and looking for the best “halal food near me” they could find. Luckily, they ended up finding our listing here at Kabab House of Orlando, where you can dine in and get 20 percent off your ticket today! We offer great food and exceptional service here at one of the top Halal restaurants in Orlando. With a family-friendly atmosphere, we offer Mediterranean, Moroccan, and Middle Eastern cuisine. If you are looking for a halal restaurant worth their salt in the greater Orlando area, consider the Kebab House. We offer both delivery and a dining room experience, so be sure to browse our entire menu to find the exact combination of halal food and drink you are looking for!

An Ideal Meal Combination

In today’s post, we are going to depart from our usual topic list, in favor of highlighting a few of our favorite menu items. If you have never had Halal food in Orlando (or anywhere, for that matter) in the past, we would be happy to showcase a few of our most popular Mediterranean, Moroccan, and Middle Eastern dishes for you in today’s post. So read on if you are curious but could use some help from the experts!

Kids eat free with parents


Let’s start with the starters...a very good place to start...especially when you get to choose between falafel, hummus, cucumber with yogurt, mazza, and halal chicken tenders! If you leave it up to us, which you are, we’d have to go with an order of falafel and hummus with shawarma. Falafel, in case you’ve never had it, is ground chickpeas and spices that are deep-fried in a delicious way. They are vegetarian, but you don’t have to be one in order to enjoy the complex flavor! Shawarma meat is slow-roasted for hours. Combine that with hummus and pita bread and you might not even want to look at the main dishes!


We are skipping the wings, salads, and sandwiches because of time. Also, we need to highlight our unbelievable Chicken Tangine dish, a Moroccan specialty which takes two hours to prepare. Call ahead if you want to eat it soon! It is unbelievably moist, rich, and full of flavor. Plus, it comes with french fries, something almost every American is intimately familiar with!

For a beverage, go with Moroccan Tea, you’re gonna love it. For dessert, we offer a unique Tiramisu, because it’s scrumptious. Whether you are looking for “halal restaurants near me,” ‘halal food near me,” or simply “halal restaurants in Orlando,” we’ve got you covered. Order online today!