Addressing A Few Myths About Halal Food

Addressing A Few Myths About Halal Food

Simply put, here at Kabab House, we’re proud to be the premier Halal restaurant in Orlando that visitors and locals alike can rely on for a tasty dining experience that’s certified Halal. If your diet is strictly Halal, you should never have to worry about whether or not your food actually meets Halal qualifications. From our shawarmas to our gyros and state-famous kebabs, our Orlando restaurant offers an affordable dining experience for the whole family.

Setting The Record Straight About Halal Food In Orlando

While halal food is a tasty and nutritious cuisine, it is, unfortunately, largely understood by many people. At Kabab House, our goal is not only to provide delicious halal food to the greater Orlando area near Universal Studios and Disney World, but also to educate people about what we know and love. After all, halal food is our passion and it’s what we’re good at preparing!

If you feel so inclined during this blog post, don’t hesitate to head on over to our menu or learn more about our halal meat and Mediterranean restaurant in Orlando. Our goal is to be your number one choice when you search “halal restaurant near me” on the internet! Let’s get started.

Myth: The Word “Halal” Means “Hocus Pocus”

This is simply not true. “Halal” directly translates to “permissible” in Arabic, and refers to food that is or has been prepared in accordance with Islamic law. The opposite of “halal” is “haram,” meaning “forbidden.”

There is no hocus pocus-like magic involved with halal food, as things like magic spells and idol worship are also prohibited under Islamic law.

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Myth: Halal Food Involves Eating No Meat

While vegetables are generally considered halal if they’re prepared or grown without any haram foods, meat is well within halal qualifications if is not:

  • A bird of prey
  • Pork, or any pork byproducts
  • Prepared with alcohol
  • A land dwelling animal without external ears
  • An animal that’s been incorrectly slaughtered, or not slaughtered in the name of Allah
  • A carnivorous animal

If halal food didn’t include any meat, then how could our halal food restaurant in Orlando serve delicious and enticing entrees like shawarmas, gyros, and kebabs? Rest assured that all of the meats that we serve are 100 percent halal, and that we would never dabble in any meat that wasn’t certified halal.

Myth: Halal Food Isn’t Prepared With Cleanliness In Mind

We’re unfortunate that this myth has somehow circulated, and we’re also unsure how it got started or where it came from. Any Muslim-owned restaurant or restaurant that serves halal food is as clean as the next restaurant that doesn’t serve halal food. If anything, restaurants like Kabab House are likely more clean and sanitary than other places that aren’t Muslim-owned or halal.

This just goes to show that one bad experience causes someone to arrive at a rash generalization.

Visit Our Halal Restaurant And Mediterranean Grill In Orlando!

For a well-priced halal meal that the whole family can enjoy, Kabab House is proud to be the go-to choice of folks near and in Orlando. Contact us today!

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