Halal Food In Kissimmee, Disney World, And Tips For A Successful Road Trip

We mentioned this in our previous blog post, but it’s definitely worth a second mention: every year, Disney World (and Universal Studios) receives an average of about 52 million visitors per year. That comes down to tens of thousands of people per day, meaning that the Magic Kingdom truly is one of the most happening places on the planet.

Our Kissimmee Halal Restaurant Is Here To Take Good Care Of You

The Kabab House in nearby Kissimmee is no stranger to feeding families, young couples, retired elderly couples, and other friendly folk who are in the area to visit Disney World. While nothing shy of absolutely magical, “The Happiest Place On Earth” comes at a steep price, and many cost-savvy vacationers tend to stay — and eat — around the resort, rather than within it.

If you’re planning your trip out to the area, chances are you’re either flying or taking a road trip down to Florida. Kabab House, the go-to halal restaurant in Kissimmee near Disney World, presents several road trip tips to help keep you and the family sane during your time spent in the car.

En Route To The Magic Kingdom: Road Trip Tips For A Smooth Drive

Plan Your Pit Stops Ahead Of Time

If you’re driving across multiple states to get to Disney World, you’re making a huge mistake by not plotting out your pit stops along the way. Though a sandwich and a full tank of gas are all you really need to fuel up on your journey, it’s nice to stop at places that are worth checking out.

If you have the time, stop by a museum or historical site so that your pit stop was worthwhile.

Also, stopping at an empty rest station is better than not stopping at all — especially when it comes to a car full of restless kids.

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Embrace The Value Of Screen Time

Whether your kid’s device of choice is a Nintendo Switch, old school Game Boy, or a tablet, there’s no doubt that screen-based entertainment will keep them occupied during the long haul. Though pacifying your child with a screen isn’t necessarily recommended by parenting experts, it’s more acceptable when you’re on a temporary road trip.

Blast Some Tunes

Music, podcasts, audiobooks, talk radio, or just anything playing out of your car’s speakers is a great way to help break up the monotony of a drive. You can mix it up and play a little something for everyone: Kidz Bop, Led Zeppelin, light classical music, and so forth. Consider changing genres every few songs or maybe after an album finishes.

Distract Your Kids With Snacks

If there’s one thing that people love, it’s food. Kids, in particular, love their snacks, and the promise of high fructose corn syrup is powerful enough to control even the rowdiest child. Just make sure to have a dedicated trash bag for all of the wrappers.

We’ll See You At Our Halal Restaurant In Kissimmee!

Once you’re settled in at Disney World, make sure to stop by our family-friendly restaurant in the middle of Kissimmee, only minutes away from Disney World hotels and resorts. Contact us today with any questions!

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