Halal Restaurants Near Me: Why Locals And Tourists Love Our Halal Food

Halal Restaurants Near Me: Why Locals And Tourists Love Our Halal Food

If you are sitting there, exhausted after a day of having fun at the Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, or another one of Orlando’s many attractions, you might be wondering where you can find a decent meal that isn’t a burger or pizza. In fact, you are wondering if it’s possible to keep the bill under $100, since you have a family of five to feed and heaven knows Disney World ain’t cheap! But it’s the end of your week in Orlando, and your kids are tired of homemade sandwiches, pizza, burgers, corndogs, funnel cake, and everything else you’ve been so graciously feeding them this week.

They’ve been having the time of their lives while you have certainly enjoyed yourself, but Thunder Mountain just doesn’t have the same appeal when you are 45. That being said, it’s time you found yourself some local food that will satisfy you first and foremost. If the kids like it, that’s just the cherry on top. But what to get?

As it turns out, you have a particular hankering. Your weakness for halal food has gotten the best of you, and you make it a point to try to find a genuinely delicious “halal restaurant near me,” as you are apt to type into your phone everytime you leave your hometown in Nowhere, USA. Why you do you call your hometown “Nowhere?” That’s an easy one, it doesn’t have a decent halal restaurant - the mark of any civilized community as far as you are concerned. But we digress.

So you type into your phone something like “halal food near me,” or “halal restaurants near me,” to find the best halal food near Disney World. Lucky for you, the Kabab House pops up on your results page. You see that Kids Eat ½ With Parents in addition to an enticing menu filled with Baba Ghanoush, Hummus with Shawarma, Lamb Tagine, Shish Kabab, Halal Wings, Falafel (the oldest kid is vegetarian), and Thin Crust Pizza (the youngest is a borderline pizza-terrian).

But before you call to place your order, you want to make sure that this place isn’t just a “tourist trap.” If locals like this Orlando halal restaurant, you know you’ll be in for a special treat. The fact that they are only a few miles away from Disney World and its resorts is a huge plus as well!

Kabab House Reviews

But for you, and all of our prospective customers, let’s highlight a few of our favorite reviews to get your juices flowing! Read what tourists and locals alike have to say about our halal restaurant in Kissimmee!


“Went here on our vacation for dinner one night and their falafel was delicious along with the rest of the food we ordered. Would recommend overall!!!” - Anne C. - USA, Testimonials

Thanks for the kind words, Anne, we appreciate your business and recommendation! As we mentioned above, the falafel we have is delicious, and a great option for the vegetarians in your party. But you don’t have to be vegetarian to enjoy this roll of pita bread filled with perfectly seasoned falafel, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and Tahini sauce. It’s a must try, even as an appetizer!

“Nice Kebab Restaurant”

“Best shawarma i ever had .The server was friendly. Definitely will be back.” - Amr Aboeldahab, Five Stars, Google Reviews

When we hear stuff like this, it makes us wake up in the morning with a smile on our face, ready to keep making Orlando’s best halal food and kabobs! Thanks for your kind words about our server Amr, in addition to your business, of course! For those of you interested in trying our shawarma dishes, we have Chicken Shawarma, Buffalo Chicken Shawarma, extremely tender Meat Shawarma, and more options!

Are you ready to try some kebabs? Check out our menu!

“Excellent Work"

This place is so good! Every time I come to Orlando, I make a point to come here, every item we have had has been a bomb, I love the chicken shawarma sandwich also is not far from Disney world.” - A. Tuzie - USA, Testimonials

Here we have A. Tuzie, who isn’t from Orlando, but they make sure that they stop by the Kabob House for some world-class halal food everytime they are passing through town. By this testimonial and the one above it, it seems we have a trend emerging, in the form of our shawarma being an exceptional dish!

“Highly Recommended”

One of my favorites places when visiting Orlando, good service, fair prices, great flavors, fresh food, it’s a hidden gem, it’s in a strip mall, so no luxury, but the food is amazingly good.” J. Bee - USA

It’s true, we cannot tell a lie. Our Kissimmee halal restaurant is found in a strip mall. But what can you do? Keep making delicious kebabs at affordable prices, that’s what. Thanks for the recommendation, J. Bee!

“The Server Was Friendly And Rather Quick And Considerate”

“First time i came to this restaurant, i thought the food was great but it was a little bit late in my opinion. The second time coming to their restaurant however was excellent. The food was in time and i thought it tasted rather nice. I found the restaurant to be rather clean too not to mention that the server was friendly and rather quick and considerate. I highly recommend going to this restaurant.” - Michael Steins, Five Stars, Google Reviews

Thanks, Michael, we appreciate you giving us a second chance! Both times, we’d like to point out, the food was great. But we are always looking to improve, and being timely is certainly a point of emphasis at our local halal restaurant. We are thrilled you found the Kabab House clean and that your server was quick and considerate!

“Definitely Stopping There On Our Next Trip”

“Stopped there for a bit while on our trip To Orlando. The food was clean and delicious. Service was great. The server was nice and very accommodating. Definitely stopping there on our next trip.” - Rita Balu, Five Stars, Google Reviews

Rita, thanks so much for stopping by! “Clean” and “delicious” are certainly two adjectives we desire to be described as, so we really appreciate it when you can include those two with others like “accommodating” and “nice!” Come see us again soon, Rita!So the next time you are in the mood for a Mediterranean Seafood Platter, Halal Wings, or even a Roasted Leg of Lamb, you don’t need to search “halal food near me,” just stop on by or order online today! Remember, we deliver too!