Here’s Why Halal Meat Is A Great Option

Here’s Why Halal Meat Is A Great Option

The health and nutrition world is constantly fluctuating with new and often contradictory information. There seems to be a new diet fad just about every week, along with new understandings (or misconceptions) about what’s good for our bodies versus certain foods that we should avoid eating. When you factor in the ethical side of food-related matters along with longstanding cultural and religious traditions, trying to make sense of what you should eat is enough to make your stomach turn.

Our Joy: Providing Halal Food In Kissimmee And South Orlando

At The Kabab House, what we know is that we’re providing a valuable service to the Islamic and halal community of the greater Orlando and Kissimmee areas. While many Disney World visitors may not eat in accordance with halal food laws — or even know what the word “halal” means — there are many Florida residents and international visitors alike who rely on access to delicious food that’s certifiably halal.

Everything that you’ll find on our menu is completely halal, and because we’re so proud to provide this valuable service to the Islamic community of Kissimmee and the areas surrounding Disney’s various theme parks, we’re going to touch on a few key benefits of eating halal meat. Let’s get started!

Halal Meat Contains No Growth Hormones

Growth hormones found in meat have been a significant point of contention over the last few decades, and so it’s no wonder that people generally prefer meat that hasn’t been treated with growth hormones. Not unlike organic meat, quality halal meat comes from animals that have been treated with respect and the freedom to graze as they please.

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Halal Meat Contains No Antibiotics

Like growth hormones, it’s not unlikely for antibiotics to make their way into meat production. Though the research behind the effects of antibiotics (and growth hormones) on the human body is not entirely understood, the current consensus is to try and avoid meat treated with antibiotics and growth hormones.

When you’re eating high-quality, 100 percent-certified halal meat, you won’t have to worry about either of these foreign agents getting into your system.

Halal Meat Embraces Grass-Fed Quality

More often than not, grass-fed animals usually produce high-quality meat that’s safer/healthier for humans to eat. Halal food has a free-range philosophy embedded within it, and that’s good news for you since grass-fed meat typically contains a higher concentration of antioxidants as well as other vitamins and omega-3 fats, and lower levels of saturated fats.

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Whether you’re visiting Disney World with your family or you’re local to the greater Orlando area, we’d love to share the gift of quality halal food. Inquire today about catering, reservations, or order online. We’ll see you soon!