All About Kababs

Learn More About Kababs

As you already know, we love kebabs here at the Kabab House, and what’s not to love? Our delicious seasoned meat is slow-cooked to perfection to make the most fantastic lunch or dinner fare. Located just a stone’s throw away from Disney World, kids and their parents alike love to dine on our kebabs. We have a variety of kebab platters and sandwiches, and we have plenty of other types of Middle Eastern cuisine and kids food available for people seeking other types of food. Today, we would like to learn more about our favorite food, kababs.

Where It All Began

The word kebab literally means “to roast,” which is exactly the method used to cook the meats for kebabs. The exact origins of kebabs are unclear, but people believe that Turkish soldiers first began grilling kebabs. Following a successful hunt for food, the soldiers would grill chunks of animals and use their swords as skewers on open field fires.

Kebab Capital Of The World?

Believe it or not, Heyne, Germany is considered to be the kebab capital of the world and features over 17,000 kebab vendors in the country. In Germany and other parts of Europe, kebabs are a very popular source of fast food.

Roasting Meat Vertically

Back in the day, Ottoman chefs discovered that roasting meats vertically caused flames to rise up and singe the meat because the fat from the meat was dripping into the fire. In order to prevent the flames from scorching the meat, chefs instead roasted the meats vertically on a spit. Not only was the meat not singed, it also resulted in a juicier cut of meat.

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Kebab Types

Perhaps the most famous of all kebabs are shish kebabs, and are made out of pieces of marinated lamb. In Europe, shish kebabs are also known as “doner kebabs,” which basically means “rotating kebab.” However, kebab meat is not just limited to lamb. Other meats commonly used in kebabs include chicken, beef, goat, and even fish.

What Marinades Are Used?

Every kebab chef has his own unique recipe for marinades, but they commonly include lemon juice, milk, olive oil, yogurt, onion juice, tomato juice, wild marjoram, cinnamon, and other spices. Marinades are vital to enhancing the flavor of the meat and to help it retain its juiciness.

What Do You Eat Kebabs With?

At the Kebab House, our shish kebabs are served on a bed of rice with a house salad. We also serve kebab sandwiches, which perfectly pair with our french fries.

What About The Vegetarians In My Family?

At the Kabab House, everyone in your house will leave the restaurant happy and with a full belly. Vegetarians love our falafels, which are made without any animal products whatsoever. Made out of chickpeas, our falafels are healthy, filling, and delicious.

If you will be in the Orlando area, check out our Middle Eastern restaurant. We make the best kebabs in Orlando, and kids eat half off at our restaurant. Located close to Disney World, we are the perfect pit stop for a lunch break during a day at the amusement park. Stop by and see why families love our Middle Eastern food.