Searching “Halal Food Near Me”: How To Relax After A Long Day At Disney World

Searching “Halal Food Near Me”: How To Relax After A Long Day At Disney World

With spring break on the horizon this March, Disney World and Universal Studios typically see a fairly significant uptick in traffic. Though it tends to get a little more crowded during this time of the year, it beats coming to Orlando during the middle of the summer. That’s peak traffic/tourist season, and the blistering temperatures combined with the sweltering humidity make for a less-than-ideal experience. So, visiting the area during this time of year actually isn’t a bad move at all.

What Are Your Post-Theme Park Plans?

After a long, exhausting day of getting the kids dressed and ready to hit Disney World, actually getting to the park entrance, forgetting your day pass, heading back to the hotel in frustration, finally getting back to the gates and waiting in line for a few rides, and corralling your kids for about 10 hours straight, you’re probably ready to head back to your hotel room, order room service, and pass out. But hear us out on this one.

Your Source For Halal Food Near Disney World

Whether you eat a diet in accordance with Islamic Law or not, don’t pull out your phone and search “Halal food near me.” Instead, simply choose Kabab House! Skip the boring (and probably not certified halal) room service food and get our delicious Mediterranean and Morrocan cuisine delivered straight to your room. Getting quality food really is that easy, especially after a long day spent at one of Disney World’s many theme parks.

Though it’s your family vacation (do what you will!), here are some ideas to hang out and relax after a long day spent in the Magic Kingdom:

Take Turns Hitting The Spa

A great way to kill an hour or two after you’re done visiting the park, but before you visit our kebab restaurant for dinner, is to go get a massage at the day spa (or resort spa). Have your significant other watch the kids, and then take turns so that everything is well and fair. It’ll be sure to relieve some built-up tension.

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Take A Long Shower

Nothing washes away a long day quite like a long, hot, steamy shower. Of course, you’ll probably need to shower all of that sunscreen and sweat off of you anyway, so showering is a win/win.

Zone Out To A Movie

The mindless act of binge-watching a series on Netflix or simply streaming a family-friendly movie for everyone to enjoy is, in all honesty, underrated. It’s a powerful tool when you just need to unplug your brain, even when you’re on vacation and your mind is supposed to be unplugged the entire time. That’s a tall order when you’re on a family vacation, after all. Honeymoons are a completely different story.

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