Top Tips For Getting Your Kids To Try New Foods

Top Tips For Getting Your Kids To Try New Foods

As an adult, it can be fun to go out and try new cuisines on a frequent basis. Perhaps, you recently grabbed your phone and searched for “halal restaurants near me” on Kabab House. Next, you came in and enjoyed a delightful meal of kebabs, falafel, and more. Hooked on these new, delightful dishes, you undoubtedly wanted to spread the love to your family.

If you are hoping to bring your kids to our Orlando Halal restaurant, you are in luck. Our family-friendly restaurant loves being host to children of all ages and our cuisine is appealing to a variety of tastes.

Check out these tips for helping your kids try out new foods.

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Start With Something Simple

While you may have loved the savory flavor of our Shish Keft, it might be a big dish for your kid to start with. Opting for a simple dish with less complex flavors can allow your kids to become used to different spices and seasonings than they are normally used to.

For example, order an appetizer of hummus and pita bread to ease your children into the delightful flavors of garlic, oil, and lemon juice. This simple dish is a great place to begin young tasters.

Graduate To Something More Complex In Small Quantities

After your kids have adjusted to a few new flavors, opt for something more adventurous on the menu. Have you kids never tried lamb? Order a plate of lamb Shish Kabab to share with the whole family. Let your kids give the dish a taste and listen to what they think of it.

You can choose a few different plates to share to allow your kids to get a small taste of a variety of flavors. Pay attention to which ones they loved and which ones they hated so you know what dishes will be best for your next visit.

Don’t Force It

At the end of the day, if your kids are not ready to try new foods or immediately make up their mind that they hate everything they have tried, don’t force it. Making your kids eat something they don’t like will not help them have a positive experience trying new things. In fact, when you force your kids to eat something they dislike, you will most likely create further resistance to new things down the road.

Instead, opt for one of our kid-friendly menu options. Allow them to enjoy a tasty slice of pizza or some crispy chicken nuggets with a side of french fries. You might be surprised that when you don’t force your children to try new things, their curiosity will eventually get the better of them as they watch you munch on delightful falafel. Make sure you let them know that if they change their mind, they are welcome to try out a piece of your food. If they wind up loving it, encourage them to order some the next time you visit our restaurant.

Visit The Best Halal Restaurant Near You

Next time you pull out your phone and type in “Halal restaurants near me,” be sure you give our family-friendly restaurant a try. We invite you to help your kids explore new cuisines at our kebab restaurant. Visit the Kabab House in Orlando today!