What Folks Are Saying About Our Kissimmee Kabab House

What Folks Are Saying About Our Kissimmee Kabab House

Whether you are out on the town, looking on your smartphone for a “kebab near me” or are sitting at home on your desktop, fastidiously trying to find the best kebab in the Orlando area, our Kissimmee Kabob House has some of the best Middle Eastern food and Mediterranean cuisine you likely have ever had.

While we can’t claim that we are the best kebab shop in the entire world, we do think we make a case for the top kebab house and Halal food in Orlando and Kissimmee. Whether you are looking for Hummus with Shawarma, Falafel, Moroccan Chicken Tagine, Shish Kebabs, a Roasted Leg of Lamb, Halal Wings, or even a Gyro, we have you covered with our extensive Kabab House menu.

If you are looking for a Halal menu, we have that as well. Of course, there is some level of crossover, as many of our Middle Eastern dishes are naturally Halal, but we also have Halal pizza, Halal House Specials, Mediterranean seafood options, and much more.

Why Reviews Matter To Us

Whether you are talking about a local Middle Eastern restaurant, a “mom and pop” boutique store, or a big-name clothing brand online, reviews flat-out matter. With the age of digitalization coming about in the last decade or so, people turn to online reviews for food choices as much as word-of-mouth opinions.

With that in mind, we wanted to take some time today to highlight a few of our favorite recent reviews we’ve received from our loyal customers. Keep reading if you are interested in getting takes from Orlando and Kissimmee residents who were once like you are now, hunting for some delicious, Mediterranean food nearby.

“I Recommend This Place To Everyone Who Likes Mediterranean Cuisine”

“This is my favorite kabab place in Kissimmee. I come eat here all the time. I love the chicken Shawarma sandwiches is really good !!! All the staff is super friendly. I recommend this place to everyone who likes Mediterranean cuisine.” - Yassine E., Five Stars

Yassine, we greatly appreciate you taking the time to let us know how your experience is when you come and dine at our Orlando kabob restaurant. In addition to the generous five-star review, you recognized some of the little things that often go unnoticed. From the friendly staff to the chicken shawarma, we are happy to provide exceptional Halal food at affordable prices. Don’t forget the fact that the portions are ample, as well!

“Very nice place to sit down and enjoy your meal with your family ... Nice services and awesome food I will definitely be back.” - Jessica J., Five Stars

Jessica, we appreciate your kind words and five-star review. It’s nice to be able to relay reviews like this to our clients, so we don’t have to go around tooting our own horn, so to speak, without any customer support. Jessica mentions the fact that we are a kid-friendly restaurant. We do our best to be a family-friendly restaurant here at the Kabob House, so it’s great to hear that our efforts are getting noticed! Please bring your family to come and see us soon; we would love to host and serve you authentic Middle Eastern food, the likes of which you may have never tasted before.

“The Food Is Absolutely Delicious”

“I just ate there yesterday and a couple of times before as well. The food is absolutely delicious and the prices are decent in fact the quantity size is large. The service is good too. Nawfal who takes the order goes out of his way to provide good service such as being friendly and checking on the food and making sure if anything else is needed. The people in the back making the food are nice too and you can tell they take pride in the way they make the food and present it as well. Definitely going there again many many times and encourage everyone else to do the same!” - Khurram M., Five Stars

Khurram, we LOVE this testimonial. It pretty much covers all the bases. From the service, the portion size, the quality of the food, to the kitchen staff and their positive attitudes, we all take great pride in providing people near Orlando with a family restaurant that offers delicious Halal food. Thanks again, Khurram, for taking the time to let us and others know what kind of Halal restaurant we have here at our Kabob House.

Are you ready to try some kebabs? Check out our menu!

“Great food. Great customer service. I highly recommend it.” Emitithal N., Local Guide, Five Stars

Thanks, Emitithal, for your five stars and kind words. We wanted to point this review out in particular because Emitithal is a Local Guide, a title given to certain Google reviewers who have proven themselves to have a finger on the pulse of a given local community. In this case, we have a local guide giving us five stars and recommending that you check it out. So make your reservation today!

“OMG the food was delicious the chicken shawarma is to die for. The service was great definitely coming back. I definitely recommend this place.” - Xeazyyy, Five Stars

We love the passion of this five-star review. We don’t want anyone dying for our chicken shawarma, but we will warrant that it’s worth the trip to see us, even if you live a ways away. We are also happy to hear that the service was great. Please come see us soon, and thanks for taking the time to write about us, Xeazyy!


“Thank You so much I was Looking For a restaurant late night went to a lot of locations which were closed and I went on google and found this place!!! THEY WERE OPEN UNTIL 1 AM They have provided great service to me and my family and yes I will come here again.” Fahad A., Five Stars

Say you are out on the town, enjoying a few libations, making rather merry during the holidays. It’s past midnight, so where can you go for decent food? We wouldn’t recommend fast food, unless you are into doing disservices to your body. But to be fair, who among us hasn’t gone through a drive-thru after a night out on the town (with a designated driver, of course) to satisfy those hunger cravings. What if we told you that we are open until 1 am, seven days a week? We think you’ll enjoy an authentic kebab over a burger that likely contains over 50 different cows in a single patty. Food for thought.

Oh! We almost forgot; thank you Fahad. We appreciate your business and your kind review!

Come See Us Soon!

If you are in need of directions, or have a question for us, you can find that information here. Otherwise, we hope you come see us soon!