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Why Choose The Kabab House For Your Family Lunch

You’re in Orlando with your family, enjoying Disney World and Orlando Studios despite the sweltering heat of summer. All that running around is truly a blast until suddenly, your family is asking for a much-needed energy boost in the form of lunch. You could load your children up with sugary sodas and funnel cakes, but these foods and beverages combined with the summer heat could make your children feel ill. Why not stop by the nearby Kabab House for lunch instead? Let’s explore your options at our kebab restaurant:

Why The Kabab House?

Our kabab restaurant provides food that is both healthy and delicious. Not only is our restaurant family-friendly, but it is also a halal restaurant. If your family is searching for some truly delicious halal food, look no further. The best part is that children eat for half off when they are dining with their parents in the restaurant. You don’t have to throw down a ton of cash to provide your family with fresh, healthy, filling food.

Our Sandwiches

What is lunch without a delicious sandwich? Falafel lovers will enjoy our falafels fried to perfection, mixed with tahini sauce and topped with onions, lettuce, and tomatoes in our falafel sandwich. We also feature delicious gyros, which include slow-roasted lamb rolled in a pita with tomatoes, lettuce, and tahini sauce.

Do you love kebabs? Why not order our shish kebab sandwich, which includes charbroiled ground beef with onions and parsley rolled in a pita bread. Toppings include tahini sauce, lettuce, onions, and tomatoes. Another kebab sandwich we offer is our Kefta Kebab, which includes marinated charbroiled chicken cubes rolled in a pita with garlic sauce, tomatoes, onions, and lettuce. Are you a fan of shawarma? Our shawarma sandwich includes thinly sliced meat rolled in pita bread with tahini sauce, tomatoes, onions, and lettuce.

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For The Hungrier Families

Is your family absolutely starving after running around Harry Potter World in Universal Studios? We can certainly help out by offering our Large Family Platter, which includes two shish tawooks, two kebabs, two chicken leg quarters and a large family house salad and a heaping portion of rice.

For The Picky Eaters

We understand how picky children can be when eating, which is why we also offer pizza, spaghetti, chicken nuggets, and cheeseburgers as well. Our chicken nugget and cheeseburger dishes also come with french fries, which are sure to please your child.


If your family wants to indulge a bit, then you might be interested in our cheesecake, chocolate cake or tiramisu. It’s perfectly okay to finish off a healthy lunch with a decadent dessert, so don’t be afraid to just go for it.

Will you be in the Orlando area this summer? Visit our family-friendly restaurant near Orlando for a lunch or dinner that you are sure to not forget. Our halal menu features a variety of different foods sure to please every member in your household. Experience our amazing Mediterranean cuisine for yourself to see why our kebabs are considered to-die-for.