1. Celebrate Your Vacation With Halal Food Near Disney World

    Kabab House is proud to be located in beautiful and sunny Kissimmee, Florida. Kissimmee is an international travel destination for millions of people every single year. Why? It’s not due to our proximity to the beach or the fact that we have fewer alligators per capita than other parts of Florida.…Read More

  2. What To Look For In A Great Halal Restaurant

    When it comes to finding a great halal restaurant here in Kissimmee, there are two types of people: those who don’t know what halal food is, and those who visit Disney World and search “halal food near me” on their smartphone the moment their plane lands. Indeed, those who practice Islam or ab…Read More

  3. Heres why halal meat is a great option

    Here’s Why Halal Meat Is A Great Option

    The health and nutrition world is constantly fluctuating with new and often contradictory information. There seems to be a new diet fad just about every week, along with new understandings (or misconceptions) about what’s good for our bodies versus certain foods that we should avoid eating. When y…Read More

  4. Addressing A Few Myths About Halal Food

    Simply put, here at Kabab House, we’re proud to be the premier Halal restaurant in Orlando that visitors and locals alike can rely on for a tasty dining experience that’s certified Halal. If your diet is strictly Halal, you should never have to worry about whether or not your food actually meets…Read More

  5. Ingredients We Use At Our Halal Restaurant In Orlando

    The Kebab House isn’t what we’d call your ordinary restaurant here in Kissimmee. Sure, we’re a little bit biased to think that we’re different from our local competitors, but our Mediterranean cuisine goes beyond...well, standard Mediterranean cuisine. We’re a Halal restaurant, and that me…Read More

  6. Halal restaurant Near Me – Why You Should Come See Us!

    If you are interested in Mediterranean cuisine, Middle Eastern food, or delicious menu items inspired by Moroccan tradition, our Orlando Halal restaurant is worth your consideration. Maybe you’ve been looking for a “Halal restaurant near me” in Orlando for quite some time now. Maybe you’ve t…Read More

  7. Halal Food In Orlando – A Road Trip Essentials Blog!

    We all know it can be pretty tough to find a decent “Halal restaurant near me,” as you’ve no doubt typed into your smartphone countless times looking for some Halal food near you. You don’t want to go just anywhere that says they offer a Halal menu, of course, but you aren’t overflowing wi…Read More