A Closer Look At Halal Food

A Closer Look At Halal Food

At the Kebab House in Orlando, we offer an Orlando halal food experience for everyone who is looking for a high-quality meal. Whether you are interested in local Mediterranean food or Middle Eastern food nearby, we’ve got you covered at the Kabab House with the best halal food in Kissimmee.

We are a family-friendly restaurant that specializes in Moroccan, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cuisine. We offer top-quality gyros, kababs, and shawarmas, all using fresh ingredients that are prepared daily. From colorful and flavorful salads to lamb and beef to halal wings, a kids menu, and large family platters that can feed the whole family, there is a lot to like about coming to see us at the Kabob House in Orlando.

In our last post, we took a look at what folks are saying about our Kissimmee Kabob House. As fun as it is to relay information about our halal restaurant to our readers, it’s also helpful to hear what the customers are saying too! Five-star reviewers consistently noted how flat-out delicious the food was, and Fahad A. noted that we are open until 1 am seven days a week. So if you are looking for a nice night-cap that isn’t Wendy’s or McDonald’s, consider the Kabab House. Not only is our food drastically better in taste and quality, but we serve fresh, healthy food.

Today’s post is dedicated to taking a closer look at halal food and the options we provide at the Kabab House in Kissimmee. First, we will highlight what halal food is along with some of its background, and secondly, we will highlight some of the most popular halal options on our menu. Read on if you have any sort of academic or practical interest in halal food!

What Is Halal Food

First of all, we are by no means experts when it comes to the intricacies and complexities of this subject matter. However, we don’t mind providing our readers and customers with some practical information that might peak their interest in a new cuisine and culture(s). In reference to those parentheses, their use was quite intentional, because it’s vital to note that the Muslim people are not a homogenous group per se, but are comprised of a variety of people groups which hail from all over the world. There are close to half a million Muslims in Australia alone, and Muslims can be found in every country on earth.

Halal is central to the faith of Islam which refers to something that is permissible or lawful. As the free encyclopedia Wikipedia notes, halal is conceptually contrasted by something being forbidden, or Haram. “In Islamic jurisprudence, this binary opposition was elaborated into a more complex classification known as "the five decisions": mandatory, recommended, neutral, reprehensible, and forbidden. Islamic jurists disagree on whether the term halal covers the first three or the first four of these categories. In recent times, Islamic movements seeking to mobilize the masses and authors writing for a popular audience have emphasized the simpler distinction of halal and haram.”

Are you ready to try some kebabs? Check out our menu!

In Reference To Food

When it comes to halal food, halal foods, by their nature, are foods that are without any element that Muslims are prohibited from consuming, according to (Shariah) law. It also covers foods that are made, processed, manufactured, produced, and/or stored using equipment and machinery that all have been cleansed according to Islamic law.

Muslims seek to better society through their contributions of knowledge, and can best do this when they are strong and healthy. Most foods are permissible under the halal diet, but the following are considered haram, or forbidden:

  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Non-halal animal fat
  • Meat from pigs
  • Rennet
  • Meat stock
  • Tallow
  • Carnivorous animals
  • Gelatin
  • Enzymes
  • Lard
  • Non-halal animal shortening
  • L-cysteine (if derived from human hair)
  • Foods contaminated by any of the products listed above

Sacredness of Life

Although we may have run out of time for the purposes of the Kebab House and our halal menu items, we want to emphasize the tradition and deep belief that there is great importance in the way an animal’s life ends. If an animal must be consumed, it must be taken in the name of God, as God is the giver of all life through creation. Allah has blessed both humans and animals with a sacred gift of life.

That is the key element to understanding the importance of a halal diet.

In our next post, we will highlight our popular halal menu items, as promised. In the meantime, you can make reservations or order your Middle Eastern, Moroccan, or Mediterranean food online. From shawarma to kababs to gyros and salads to world-class hummus, we’ve got you covered with delectable and savory halal meat and Mediterranean cuisine. We’d love to host you and share our delicious food with you at the Kebab House in Orlando! Stop by soon! And remember, we’re open late!